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By developing programing and media platform initiatives that explore the daily mental health dynamics that nearly everyone faces, MSMG wants to expand the national conversation by changing the way we talk about mental health! In doing so, we aim to increase awareness of available resources and raise our collective mental & emotional literacy in order to bridge the gap between the “them and us” mentality that not only leads to stigma and breeds misunderstanding but also results in costly and sometimes devastating delays in treatment at the earliest stages of onset. Mind Set Media Group, Inc. is a California Non-Profit Corporation, #C3712505.

The son of a former psychiatric nurse and a Korean War Veteran, James was born in Los Angeles, California. His fondest childhood memories of the San Fernando Valley are running around at the 'Fiestas' at Guardian Angel Parish where he attended church and school, swimming in the backyard pool his father dug by hand, his dogs - Fluffy, Fritz and Corky, a squirrel monkey named Jo-Jo, and sneaking into Whiteman Airport playing in the shell of an old war plane for hours.

Living in Southern California, James grew up around Spanish speakers. His resulting comfort with and affinity for Spanish are part of why he still reads, writes and speaks fluent Spanish. After finishing high school outside of San Diego, California, he went on to UC San Diego, majoring in Spanish Literature. James was awarded a California State Senate Fellowship and spent a few years doing legislative work in Sacramento, before going on to attend California Western School of Law in San Diego, California on full scholarship.

He grew up to emulate his 1960's childhood television heroes: Raymond Burr's Perry Mason, Lloyd Bridges' daring Mike Nelson from Sea Hunt, and the opening chorus line from the Carol Burnett Show. In college, James became an accomplished jazz dancer in the tradition of Bob Fosse & the Dance Theatre of Harlem. As an attorney, he was a hard charging prosecutor whose hallmark was fighting for fairness, even when it meant standing up to his own office. He's also a PADI Certified Master Level SCUBA Diver.

During his 10-year career as a prosecutor in Southern California, James was discovered by legal talk shows. In the wake of the OJ Simpson criminal trial he became a legal analyst and went on to have 3 nationally broadcasted televisions programs; serving as Host of Curtis Court, News Anchor for Court TV, and Host of E! Entertainment’s Michael Jacksons Trial Coverage.

After a 20-year marriage which gave him 3 fabulous kids, Kathryn, James and Elizabeth, ​James' own lived experience with depression provided the inspiration for the establishment of Mind Set Media Group. Inc (a California Non-Profit Corporation) and its flagship program, MindSet: Mental Health News & Information.

A blend of TED Talks & creative, penetrating news reporting, MindSet not only brings together the latest research from across the media, the country and the globe about how our minds respond to all manner of stressors but provides practical, real-life coping strategies directly from leading experts. Whether the challenge is financial hardship, a new child, stressors in the workplace or school environment, or even the increased pressure of success, MindSet gives the audience first hand information about the most effective strategies to handle our personal challenges--challenges that, left unchecked, all too often leave us scratching our heads when there's a news headline about people who seem to, all of a sudden, LOSE IT! By examining everyday experiences that we all share through the lens of the most up-to-date and effective information about the mind, MindSet aims to create a national conversation and raise our emotional intelligence by opening up new ways to recognize and tackle the small challenges before they become big problems.




MindSet: Mental Health News & Information

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